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Invited speakers

As the NORM X Symposium has as theme:

25 years of NORM Symposia

Future: Residues applied in a circular economy

The NORM X organization invited, with the agreement of their International Steering Committee and Scientific Program Committee, the following speakers for the defined key areas of this Symposium. The NORM X organization is honored that all invited speakers have accepted and confirmed the invitation.

Area 1: 25 years of NORM regulation

Title: A brief history of NORM regulation
Speaker: Peter Görts (Senior Advisor at Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection)
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Area 2: Fundamental and practical implementation aspects of regulations to establish a circular NORM economy

Title: NORM residues and aspects of a circular economy – an overview from European HERCA perspective
Jelena Mrdakovic-Popic (Senior Advisor at Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and Actual chair of the “HERCA working group Natural Radiation Sources)
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Title: Circular Justice? An example of the Circular Economy Clashing with Environmental Justice in the United States.
Spreaker: Philip Egidi (Environmental Scientist at United States Environmental Protection Agency)
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Title: Challenges in Regulating industries processing NORM
Speaker: Miroslav Pinak (Head of the IAEA Radiation Safety and Monitoring Section)
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Area 3: Current and future challenges – NORM tailings and residues in a Circular Economy

Title: Revaluing NORM Residues: The Circular Economy Dividend
Speaker: Julian Hilton (Chairman at Aleff Group, United Kingdom)
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Title: Challenges to face for some countries to implement a circular economy
Speaker: Analia Canoba (Head of Scientific and Technical Support at the Argentine Nuclear Regulatory Authority)
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Area 4: Environmental aspects of NORM

Title: The holistic approach to NORM management
Speaker: Horst Monken-Fernandes (Scientific Secretary of the IAEA EVIRONET Network)
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Area 5: Industry

Title: The reprocessing of NORM residues from tin mining and smelting, to extract further valuable metal content of tantalum, niobium and tin, and to reduce waste
Speaker: Ulric Schwela (Director at Salus Mineralis)
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Area 6: NORM Sampling & Metrology

Title: NORM Sampling & Metrology
Speaker: Luiz Ernesto Matta (Head of Service at the Institute of Radioprotection and Dosimetry (IRD), Brazil)
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Area 7: Stakeholder engagement and public communication

Title: NORM and TENORM in Pennsylvania: Past, Present & Future
Speaker: David J. Allard (Director at PA DEP Bureau of Radiation Protection, Pennsylvania United States)
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Title: Risk communication and stakeholder involvement: lessons learned for NORM-containing residues
Speaker: Yevgeniya Tomkiv (Postdoctoral research fellow at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway)
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Area 8: Research and Development

Title: Research perspectives for embedding NORM in the circular economy
Speaker: Wouter Schroeyers (Associate Professor at the Hasselt University, Belgium)
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Area 9: Transportation of NORM classified materials

Title: International regulatory framework for the transport of naturally occurring radioactive material
Speaker: Eric H. Reber (Transport Safety Specialist at Transport Safety Unit/RIT NSRW/IAEA)
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