The Autoriteit Nucleaire Veiligheid en Stralingsbescherming (ANVS) has approved the accreditation for the NORM X Symposium: 22.5 points, with every followed refresher course 1.6 points extra (B.NORMX.2022). 

We have received pre approval by the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) for the accreditation of the refresher courses. When you have attended a refresher course, you can enter the applicable course title and code (see below) when filling out the Continuing Education Credit (CEC) request form through the AAHP website.

The following codes can be used for this:

  • Refresher Course 1A: 2022-03-17-177
  • Refresher Course 1B: 2022-03-17-176
  • Refresher Course 1C: 2022-03-17-175
  • Refresher Course 2A: 2022-03-17-174
  • Refresher Course 2B: 2022-03-17-173
  • Refresher Course 2C: 2022-03-17-172
  • Refresher Course 3A: 2022-03-17-171
  • Refresher Course 3B: 2022-03-17-170
  • Refresher Course 3C: 2022-03-17-169