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Associated Event – ENA

Dedicated sessions and refresher courses will be organised by the European NORM Association (ENA) as part of NORM X. The ENA sessions will address specific NORM-related aspects also covered by the ENA Working Groups:

  • NORM in the industry,
  • NORM in the environment,
  • NORM in building materials,
  • Decommissioning of NORM facilities.

ENA focuses on practical aspects of NORM management and the implementation of regulatory requirements. Industry, service providers, academia and representatives of regulators work closely together under the roof of ENA to foster the exchange of practical solutions. The ENA sessions during NORM X provide a welcome opportunity to meet between the bi-annual ENA Workshops.

Refresher Courses will be contributed by ENA members, inter alia on the assessment of public exposure from NORM discharges, key parameters and simple approaches to dose estimates, and NORM metrology and sampling.

In co-operation with ENA, invited speaker Jelena Mrdakovic of HERCA will give a presentation on regulatory challenges in order to create a circular economy for materials containing primordial nuclides.

ENA will take the opportunity to hold its General Assembly on Wednesday 23 June 2022.

ENA members will have access to the ENA sessions at a discount. Please ask ENA for the discount code needed for registration.

The evaluation criteria for the ENA Young Professionals Award, which will be awarded during NORM X:

  • Innovative: Has the presentation provided anything new, previously unknown, or food for thought, that keeps the audience on the edge of their chairs, and/or will help move the NORM community forward?
  • Relevant: Has the presentation practical relevance for NORM practitioners, or regulators, so that the safe management of NORM can be improved, or technologies be made more efficient?
  • Formal quality: Has the presentation been of good visual quality, good formatting, with nice pictures, and well structured? Has the presenter kept to the time limit, allowed sufficient time for questions, and satisfactorily answered questions from the audience?