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Programme Monday May 9th 2022

The programme may still undergo small changes. Please check this page regularly for the latest update. 

Session 1

10:30 – 12:15 hr

Room: Progress

Opening of the NORM X Symposium
Session Chair: Jan van der Steen, President NORM X Symposium
Session Co-Chair: Leo van Velzen, Vice President NORM X Symposium

Welcome presentations:

  • J. van der Steen (President NORM X Symposium)
  • A. van Bolhuis (Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection – ANVS, Netherlands)
  • M. Pinak (International Atomic Energy Agency – IAEA, Austria)
  • C. Leijen (Dutch Society for Radiation Protection – NVS, Netherlands)
  • S. Mundigl  (European Commission – EC, Belgium)
  • A. Canoba (International Commission on Radiological Protection – ICRP)
  • B. Batandjieva-Metcalf (UNSCEAR Secretary)
  • R. Wiegers (European NORM Asoociation – ENA, Netherlands)
  • R. McBurney (Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors’ Inc. – CRCPD, USA)
  • T. Perko (SHARE/RICOMET, Belgium)

12:15 – 13:45 hr LUNCH BREAK (lunch is not included during the NORM X Conference)

Session 2
Area 1/2

13:45 – 15.25 hr

Room: Progress

25 years of NORM Regulations
Session Chair: Ruth McBurney (CRCPD, USA)
Session Co-Chair: Jan van der Steen (President NORM X Symposium)

  • 13:45  Invited presentation
    A brief history of NORM regulation,
    Peter Görts (ANVS, Netherlands)
  • 14:10  Invited presentation
    Circular Justice? An example of the Circular Economy Clashing with Environmental Justice in the United States.
    Philip Egidi (EPA, USA)
  • 14:35  Invited presentation
    Challenges in Regulating industries processing NORM
    Miroslav Pinak (IAEA, Austria)
  • 14:50  Performance indicators for the assessment of the national radiation protection system
    Konstantinos Karfopoulos (EEAE, Greece)

Session 3
Area 6

13:45 – 15:25 hr

Room: Quest

NORM Sampling & Metrology – 1
Session Chair: Konstatinos Karfopoulus (EEAE, Greece)
Session Co-Chair: David Okoh Kpeglo (GAEC, Ghana)

  • 13:45 Radiological assessment of solid waste for uranium ore processing in Nuclear Materials
    Yasser Khawassek (Nuclear Materials Authority, Egypt)
  • 14:10 NORM monitoring in pits of remediation of drilling muds and spalls in oil and gas industry
    Gerardo Rodriguez (Inprosoam, Ecuador)
  • 14:35 Radiation Survey Meter with Intrinsically Safe Extendable Probe
    David Bradley (Sunway University, Malaysia)
  • 14:50 Radioactivity measurement in ‘negative ion’ consumer products, Korneel Cats (RIVM, the Netherlands)

Session 4
Area 4

13:45 – 15:25 hr

Room: Expedition

Environmental Aspects of NORM
Session Chair: Maria de Lurdes Dinis (University of Porto, Portugal)
Session Co-Chair : Steven Brown (SHB Inc., United States)

  • 13:45 Natural  radionuclides and Cs-137 in biomass combustion residues: How to solve the puzzle?
    Sarah Radulovic (FANC, Belgium)
  • 14:10 NORM inventory in Brazil: Case study of the NORM inventory of Nb and Sn production
    Barbara Paci Mazzilli (IPEN, Brasil)
  • 14:35 Remediation of a legacy NORM site in Norway
    Tore Ramsøy (IFE, Norway)
  • 14:50 Uranium mill tailings management and disposal in Australia: Past and current practice
    Peter Waggitt (Consultant, Australia)

Session 5
Area 5

16:00 – 17:15 hr

Room: Progress

Management of residues and the occupational radiation protection of workers in the geothermal and water supply and treatment industry
Session Chair: Lonneke van Bochove (Radiation Support, Netherlands)
Session Co-Chair: Frank Harris (Rio Tinto, Australia)

  • 16:00 Geothermal energy production in Italy: Radiological characterization of plants and residues
    Ilaria Peroni (ARPAT, Italy)
  • 16:25 Radioactive waste management in Dutch geothermal sector
    Lonneke van Bochove (Radiation Support, Netherlands)
  • 16:50 New Safety Report under preparation- Occupational Radiation Protection in the Water Supply and Treatment Industry
    Burcin Okyar (IAEA, Austria)

Session 6
Area 9

16:00 – 17:15 hr

Room: Quest

Transport of NORM and its Challenges
Session Chair: Oskar van Dongen (Shell, Netherlands)
Session Co-Chair: Paul van Rooijen (Vinçote, Netherlands)

  • 16:00 Invited presentation
    International regulatory framework for the transport of naturally occurring radioactive material
    Eric H. Reber (IAEA, Austria)
  • 16:25 Transportation of NORM classified materials
    Iain Brown (PHE, United Kingdom)
  • 16:50 Monitoring and regulation of NORM in the Slovak Republic, Veronika Drábová (Public Health Authority, Slovak Republic)

Session 7
Area 6

16:00 – 17:15 hr

Room: Expedition

Radon & Thoron – Protection of workers, public and environment
Session Chair: Govert de With (NRG, Netherlands)
Session Co-Chair: Ivana Ženatá (SONS, Czech Republic)

  • 16:00 Radon Action Plans in European Member States and the UK: Dealing with Radon Risk on Workplaces
    Katerina Navratilova Rovenska (SURO, Czech Republic)
  • 16:25 Radon-risk Mapping and Protection in Mining and High Potential Mining areas of Cameroon
    Saïdou Saïdou (IGMR, Cameron)
  • 16:50 An Overview of Radon Exposure to the Zama‐Zamas Group within Abandoned Underground South African Mines 
    Ryno Botha (Thortech, South Africa)