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Session 41

Room: Expedition

  • N 1         Main regulatory requirements to elaborate a specific regulation for disposal of bulk NORM waste in oil and gas: Brazilian case
    Amanda Gomes Lopes (Brazil)
  • N 2         Monitoring and regulation of NORM  in the Slovak Republic
    Veronika Drabova (Slovak Republic)
  • N 3         The role of metal mining in the circular economy: Radiation protection considerations from Spain’s experience
    Marta Garcia-Talavera (CSN, Spain)
  • N 4         NORM discharges to air and water in the Netherlands: highlights of 35 years of discharge data, analysis and environmental monitoring
    Cristina Tanzi (RIVM, Netherlands)
  • N 5         Reactive transport models and chemical thermodynamic data in support of NORM management
    Vanessa Montoya (SCK CEN, Belgium)
  • N 6         Collections of Minerals as NORM Workplaces
    Ivana Ženatá, (SURO, Czech Republic)
  • N 7         Radiation Protection in Industries with NORM in Ghana – Experiences and Challenges.
    Francis Otoo (GAEC, Ghana)
  • N 8         Reuse of Tank bottom Petroleum Sludge for Socio Economic Development: A case study in Ghana
    David Okoh Kpeglo  (GAEC, Ghana)
  • N 9         Impact of residual radioactivity associated with NORMs in the water supply cycle
    Maria de Lurdes Dinis (University of Porto, Portugal)
  • N 10       Radiological Assessment of Soil used for Agriculture in Southern Nigeria, A case study of Federal Polytechnic Ile-Oluji Research Farm
    Olalekan Olatunji (Keele University, United Kingdom)
  • N 11       Reuse and Recycle of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Residues
    Iyu Lin Teng
  • N 12       Reusing NORM Residues from Oil & Gas Industry in Republic of Croatia
    Ivica Prlic
  • N 13     Overview on NORM involving industrial sectors in Italy
    Rosabianca Trevisi (INAIL, Italy)
  • N 14       Evaluation of the radiological impact of building materials containing NORM residues
    Federica Leonardi (INAIL, Italy)
  • N 15       Radioactivity measurement in ‘negative ion’ consumer products
    Korneel Cats (RIVM, Netherlands)
  • N 16       NORM radionuclides in a soil profile from a former coal mine from Southern Spain
    Juan Mantero Cabrera (University of Sevilla, Spain
  • N17        Effectiveness of Micro-coprecipitation technique with LaF3 as an alternative for alphs spectrometry
    Maruf Abubakar (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Ghana)


  • R 1          Managing residues from geothermal installations: Introducing a socio-technical approach
    Linde Pollet (University of Hasselt, Belgium)
  • R 2          Education and training: the missing element in Radon Action Plans?
    Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain)
  • R 3          Awareness campaign on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation issues
    Panagiota Founta (EEAE, Greece)
  • R 4          Remembering radioactive waste: Meeting the needs of the past, present and future
    Robbe Geysmans (SCK CEN, Belgium)
  • R 5          The ecosystem services approach: A contribution to an holistic approach to radiological risks governance
    Sophie Beauquier (ISRN, France)
  • R 6          Disposal choices: the construction of risk in management of nuclear wastes
    Florian Abraham (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)