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Programme Thursday May 12th 2022

The programme may still undergo small changes. Please check this page regularly for the latest update. 

07:15 hr Refresher course 1C: Room Expedition

From Fundamental Safety Principles to Operational Radiation Protection Programs.

Lecturer: Konstatinos Karfopoulus (EEAE, Greece)

07:15 hr Refresher course 2C: Room Quest

A regulators perspective on the assessment of environmental NORM risk.

Lecturer: Mr. Cameron Lawrence (ARPANSA, Australia)

07:15 hr Refresher course 3C: Room Progress

Workshop on the safe management of NORM residues.

Lecturer: Zhiwen Fan (IAEA, Austria) and Stéphane Pepin (FANC, Belgium)

Session 28
Area 6

08:30 – 10:10 hr

Room: Progress

NORM Sampling & Metrology – 3
Session Chair: David Bradley (Sunway Univ, Malaysia)
Session Co-Chair: Ivica Prlic (Croatia)

  • 08:30 Invited Presentation
    NORM Sampling & Metrology
    Luis Ernesto Matta (IRD, Brazil)
  • 08:55 Improvements in the gamma-ray measurements of NORM residues
    Antti Kallio (STUK, Finland)
  • 09:20 Calibration Standards and Performance Testing Samples in NORM Analysis
    Evgeny Taskaev (Eckert & Ziegler Analytics, Inc, United States)
  • 09:45 Applications of NDAs to Improve NORM’s Radiological Characterization Process
    Filippo Rodari (LB Services, Italy)

Session 29
Area 7

08:30 – 10:10 hr

Room: Quest

SHARE/Ricomet: Social science and humanities in ionizing radiation research
Session Chair: Caroline Schieber (CEPN ASSO, France)
Session Co-Chair: Nadja Železnik (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

  • 08:30 Post-Fukushima (non-)interactions: citizen radiation measuring organizations & local governments
    Joke Kenens (SCK CEN, Belgium)
  • 08:55 0.23µSv/hr and the value of radiation’s numbers in Japan
    Louise Elstow (University of Lancaster, United Kingdom)
  • 09:20 Can we develop a manual to assist the responsible generation and use of science as policy advice?
    Gaston Meskens (SCK CEN, Belgium)
  • 09:45 Uncertainty communication and public participation in decision-making related to decommissioning of nuclear installations
    Ferdiana Hoti Krasniqi (SCK CEN, Belgium)

Session 30
Area 3

08:30 – 10:10 hr

Room: Expedition

ENA: Current and Future Challenges on Communication of Risks, Recycling, Revalorization of Residues and Coordinated EU R&D approaches
Session Chair: Cristina Nuccetelli (ISS, Italy)
Session Co-Chair: Philip Egidi (EPA, United States)

  • 08:30 Communicating the Risks of Materials with NORM – A Practitioner’s Perspective
    Jim Hondros, (JHRC, Australia)
  • 08:55 Challenges in recycling NORM from the dicalcium phosphate industry
    Marcin Płachciak, (AMPHOS21, Spain)
  • 09:20 Revalorization of Residues in the Scope of the Circular Economy. Case study from the Titanium Dioxide Industry in Brazil
    Barbara Paci Mazzilli, (IPN, Brasil)
  • 09:45 Coordinated approaches to EUROPEAN research and innovation: The importance of MEENAS
    Hildegarde Vandenhove, (SCK CEN, Belgium)

Session 31
Area 5

10:45 – 12:00 hr

Room: Progress

Industry: Challenges and experiences in operational practices in non-uranium- and REE-mining
Session Chair: Cameron Lawrence (ARPANSA, Australia)
Session Co-Chair: David Okoh Kpeglo (GAEC, Ghana)

  • 10:45 Invited presentation
    The reprocessing of NORM residues from tin mining and smelting, to extract further valuable metal content of tantalum, niobium and tin, and to reduce waste
    Ulrich Schwela (TIC, United Kingdom)
  • 11:10 Characteristics of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) resulted from formerly intensive tin mining in Phuket Province, the most popular tourist place of Thailand
    Pipat Laowattanabandit (Chulalongkorn University of Bangkok, Thailand)
  • 11:35 Ecological risk assessment in communities around Lumwana mine due to Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials,
    Reuben Katebe, (Nat. Inst. for Scientific and Industrial Research, Zambia)

Session 32
Area 7

10:45 – 12:00 hr

Room: Quest

SHARE/Ricomet: Social science and humanities in ionizing radiation research (continue)
Session Chair: Sylvain Andresz (CEPN ASSO, France)
Session Co-Chair: Florian Abraham (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)

  • 10:45 Evaluation of the contribution of citizen science projects to radon research, Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain)
  • 11:10 New Citizen Science Projects to Stimulate Radon Remediation
    Caroline Schieber (CEPN, France)
  • 11:35 Radiation risk perception during uranium mining, decommissioning and remediation: the case study of Urgeiriça
    Ana Rita Melo (CFisUC, Portugal)

Session 33
Area 3

10:45 – 12:00 hr

Room: Expedition

ENA: New Initiatives on the exchange of information on NORM and ideas on NORM management through a social lens
Session Chair: Lonneke van Bochove (Radiation Support, Netherlands)
Session Co-Chair: Frank Harris (Rio-Tinto, Australia)

  • 10:45 Introducing REGSUN – IAEA Regulatory Forum for Safety of Uranium production and NORM
    Stéphane Pepin (FANC, Belgium)
  • 11:10 NORM management through a social lens
    Catrinel Turcanu (SCK CEN, Belgium)
  • 11:35 A new information exchange platform for NORM (ISEMIR- N)
    Burcin Okyar (IAEA, Austria)

12:00 – 13:45 hr LUNCH BREAK (lunch is not included during the NORM X Conference)

Session 34
Area 3

13:45 – 15:25 hr

Room: Progress

Future: NORM Residues applied in a Circular Economy
Session Chair: Peter Waggit (Consultant, Australia)
Session Co-Chair: Jan van der Steen (Consultant, Netherlands)

  • 13:45 Wrap-up from Tuesday and Wednesday sessions by session Chairs
  • 14:10 Invited Presentation
    Revaluing NORM Residues: The Circular Economy Dividend
    Julian Hilton, (Aleff Group, United Kingdom)
  • 14:35 Invited Presentation
    Challenges to face for some countries to implement a circular economy
    Analia Canoba, (ICRP, [ARN] Argintina)
  • 15:00 ENA and SHARE/Ricomet Award session

Session 35
Area 7

13:45 – 15:00 hr

Room: Quest

SHARE / Ricomet: Social science and humanities in ionizing radiation research and  Poster Pitches
Session Chair: Susan Molyneux-Hodgson (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)
Session Co-Chair: Yevgeniya Tomkiv (NMBU, Norway)

  • 13:45 Marketing and societal challenges of alternative cementitious binders made with NORM contaminated by-products
    Nazanin Love (University of Hasselt, Belgium)
  • 14:10 Anxiety in patients undergo PET/CT scanners: causes, levels, and prevention
    Lina da Conceição Capela de Vieira (Inst. Poli. Lisboa)
  • 14:35 Poster Pitches

Session 36
Area 2

16:00 – 17:15 hr

Room: Progress

Panel: Protection of workers, public and environment

Topic to discuss: Future: How to deal and to solve the challenges in protecting workers, public and environment in a Circular Economy with materials containing elevated levels of NORM in a sustainable way?

Moderator: Analia Canoba (ICRP, [ARN] Argintina)


  • Burçin Okyar (IAEA, Austria)
  • Jean-François Lecomte (IRSN, France)
  • Konstatinos Karfopoulus (EEAE, Greece)
  • Laura Urso (BfS, Germany)
  • Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium)

Session 37
Area 5

16:00 – 17:15 hr

Room: Quest

Panel: Residues management

Topic to discuss: Future: What are eventual solutions in order to avoid / to minimize “residue’s management”  in a Circular Economy”?

Moderator: Julian Hilton


  • Philip Egidi, (EPA, United States)
  • Martijn van der Schaaf (RIVM, Netherlands)
  • Wouter Schroeyers (Univ. of Hasselt, Belgium)
  • Cristina Nuccetelli (ISS, Italy)
  • Frank Harris (Rio Tinto, Australia)

Session 38
Area 5

16:00 – 17:15 hr

Room: Expedition

Panel: Mining, decommissioning and remediation

Topic to discuss: Future: The new normal “a Circular Economy” for sustainable mining, decommissioning and remediation. How to reach?

Moderator: Christian Kunze (IAF-Radioökologie, Germany)


  • Ulric Schwela (TIC, United Kindom)
  • Horst Monken-Fernandes (IAEA, Austria)
  • Mark Platje (Cleanstream, Netherlands)
  • Steven Brown (SHB Inc , United States)
  • Catrinel Turcanu (SCK CEN, Belgium)

18:30 – 21:30 hr Walking City Dinner