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Programme Wednesday May 11th 2022

The programme may still undergo small changes. Please check this page regularly for the latest update. 

07:15 hr Refresher course 1B: Room Expedition

The application of the ICRP System to NORM in industrial processes.

Lecturers: Analia Canoba (ICRP, [ARN] Argintina) & Jean-François Lecomte (IRSN, France).

07:15 hr Refresher course 2B: Room Quest

Refresher course in co-operation with SHARE / Ricomet: Risk and Health communication about NORM: from theory to practice.

Lecturer: Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium)

07:15 hr Refresher course 3B: Room Progress

Decommissioning and Dismantling of NORM Sites: Case studies of oil/gas and water treatment facilities.

Lecturers: Mette Nilsen (DSA, Norway) & James McCullough (NJ Dept. Env. Prot., US).

08:45 hr Technical Visit 1: GeoPower Oudcamp & Mineralz

GeoPower Oudcamp is operator of the geothermal location at Maasland. This location provides 8 surrounding greenhouses with heat saving 15 million m3 of natural gas per year and gives a significant reduction of CO2 emission. This makes geothermal energy a sustainable energy source.

Geothermal water is extracted from a depth of 2.800 meters with a temperature of 95°. With the production of Geothermal energy, NORM from the deep underground, travels up to the installation and causes deposits inside the installation.

To find out where the waste from geothermal energy production ends up, this visit is combined with a Technical visit to Landfill Mineralz Rotterdam-Maasvlakte.

Mineralz is a subsidiary of Renewi, division Renewi Mineralz & Water, and is active in cleaning contaminated soil and recycling mineral waste streams into secondary raw materials. We immobilize the waste for which no sustainable processing yet exists and then process it in an environmentally responsible manner at our own landfills. In this way, we have a sustainable answer to every waste issue.

08:45 hr Technical Visit 2: Port of Antwerp & Gypsum landfill in Zelzate (Belgium)

The visit will take place at the Border Inspection Point Left Bank in the Port of Antwerp. At the site a number of fiscal, security and safety inspections are combined in order to facilitate commerce.

The visit will focus on the nuclear inspections (Megaports Initiative) of container traffic by Belgian Customs, whereby a large amount of NORM is detected on a daily basis. A short glimpse of the X-ray scanning equipment for containers will also be included.

The Gypsum Landfill in Zelzate has a large solar park (22 hectares are 55,000 solar panels) that produce green energy (the grass under the solar panels is grazed by 200 sheep).

Session 20
Area 7

08.30 – 10:20 hr

Room: Progress

SHARE/Ricomet: Introduction to societal challenges in decommissioning projects
Session Chair: Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium)
Session Co-Chair: Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain)

  • 08:30 Opening and “Introduction to societal challenges in decommissioning projects and importance of communication and stakeholder engagement”
    Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium)
  • 09:00 Managing social challenges in the nuclear decommissioning industry: A responsible approach towards better performance
    Diletta Colette Invernizzi, (Jacobs, United Kingdom)
  • 09:20 Overview of communication experiences in past decommissioning projects
    Michele Laraia (author of the Elsevier books on decommissioning, Austria)
  • 09:50 Uncertainty communication and public participation in decision-making related to decommissioning of nuclear installations
    Ferdiana Hoti (SCK CEN & University Antwerp, Belgium)

Session 21
Area 3

08:30 – 10:10 hr

Room: Expedition

ENA: Experiences and challenges in protection of workers, public and environment
Session Chair: Stéphane Pepin (FANC, Belgium)
Session Co-Chair: Analia Canoba (ICRP, [ARN] Argintina)

  • 08:30 Development of a methodology at European level for dose-assessment to members of public following use of NORM sludge in agriculture.
    Cristina Nuccetelli (ISS, Italy)
  • 08:55 Development of Radiological Screening Levels and Associated Gamma Survey Methodologies for Radiological Characterization at US DOE Defense-Related Uranium Mine (DRUM) Sites – An Update
    Steven H. Brown (SHB Inc., United States)
  • 09:20 Radiation Protection in Industries with NORM in Ghana – Experiences and Challenges, Francis Otoo (GAEC, Ghana)
  • 09:45 Thorium 232 an inexplicable radionuclide
    Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland)

Session 22
Area 7

10:45 – 12:05 hr

Room: Progress

SHARE/Ricomet: Practical experiences from communication and stakeholder engagement in decommissioning from different countries
Session Chair: Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain)
Session Co-Chair: Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium)

  • 10:45 United Kingdom
    Speakers from past and on-going decommissioning sites in the UK.

    * Communication and stakeholder involvement experiences from different decommissioning projects in the UK
    Philip Matthews, (Nuclear legacy advisory forum -Nuleaf-, United Kingdom)

    * Local experience on communication and stakeholder engagement from  Gwynydd  Trawsfynydd site
    Nia Swann Boden, (Country Council, United Kingdom)

    * Communication and stakeholder involvement with local communities: the experience of the Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities
    Meritxell Martell, (Merience, Spain)

  • 11:45 Sweden
    Communication and stakeholder experiences and lessons learned about decommissioning in Sweden
    Carl Sommerholt, (Vattenfall, Sweden)

Session 23
Area 3

10:45 – 12:00 hr

Room: Expedition

ENA: Experiences and challenges in protection of workers, public and environment (continue)
Session Chair: Stéphane Pepin (FANC, Belgium)
Session Co-Chair: Analia Canoba (ICRP, [ARN] Argintina)

  • 10:45 Drone-based gamma spectrometry of NORM-affected areas and uranium legacy sites: results and outlook of the DUB-GEM research & development project
    Christian Kunze (IAF-Radioökologie, Germany)
  • 11:10 Miniaturized High-resolution CZT modules for Drone-based Waste Characterization
    Michael Streicher (3DGamma, United States)
  • 11:35 Radiological characterization of a new public research building IMI_ReC
    Ivica Prlic (IMI, Croatia)

    12:00 – 13:45 hr LUNCH BREAK (lunch is not included during the NORM X Conference)

    Session 24
    Area 7

    13:30 – 15:25 hr

    Room: Progress

    SHARE/Ricomet: Participatory workshop on challenges for communication and stakeholder engagement in decommissioning of nuclear facilities from different countries
    Session Chair: Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium)
    Session Co-Chair: Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain)

    • 13:30 Panel discussion: Lessons learned or to be learned from practical experiences in communicating decommissioning projects and engaging with stakeholders: Dialogue with panelists and participants
      Moderator: Tanja Perko, (SCK CEN, Belgium)
    • 14:00 Workshop part 1: Participatory workshop to recognize challenges and good practices for communication and stakeholder involvement with focus on internal communication; External communication and local stakeholders
      Work in groups, moderated by Social Scientists and Humanities researchers   
    • 15:00 Panel Session, panelists: reporters from the groups

    Session 25
    Area 5

    13:45 – 15:25 hr

    Room: Expedition

    Session Chair: Christain Kunze (IAF-Radioökologie GmbH, Germany, ENA Vice-President )
    Session Co-Chair: Cristina Nuccetelli (ISS, Italy, RadoNorm )

    • 13:45 The EU survey on NORM: goals, challenges encountered and
      preliminary results
      Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland)
    • 14:10 Panel name:  Workshop to discuss the RADONORM survey results
      within the ENA members
      (open for all NORM X attendees)
      Moderator: Boguslaw Michalik (GIG, Poland)
      Panellists: Laura Urso (BFS, Germany) & Jelena Mrdakovic-Popic (DSA, Norway)
    • 14:35 WG meetings

    Session 26
    Area 7

    16:00 – 17:30 hr

    Room: Progress

    SHARE/Ricomet: Participatory workshop to develop recommendations for communication and stakeholder engagement in decommissioning of nuclear facilities
    Session Chair: Meritxell Martell (Merience, Spain)
    Session Co-Chair: Tanja Perko (SCK CEN, Belgium)

    • 16:00 Workshop part 2: Participatory workshop to develop recommendations on how to communicate and engage with stakeholders before and during decommissioning projects
      Moderators: SSH researchers   
    • 16:30 Panel Session, panelists: reporters from the groups and way forward, moderated by Robbe Geysmans (SCK CEN, Belgium)


    Session 27

    16:00 – 17:30 hr

    Room: Expedition

    ENA: ENA-events, WG-meetings and Annual meeting
    Session Chair: Rob Wiegers, President ENA (IBR, Netherlands)
    Session Co-Chair: Christian Kunze, Vice President ENA (IAF-Radioökologie, Germany)

    • 16:00 ENA Annual Meeting